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Welcome to Eclectic Selections... our newest fire prevention product, The Dryer Lint Brush, is taking households by storm. This simple yet effective tool for home safety removes the lint from dryer crevices and helps prevent dryer fires. This is a multi-purpose must have brush. See additional uses at the bottom.


Clothing dryers were involved in 13,700 U.S. Home structure fires, Eight civilian deaths, 227 Civilian injuries and $62.7 Million in direct property damage, Annually during 1990-1994.

Clothes dryers had the largest share of appliance and tool fires and the largest share of injuries and direct property damage.

The leading cause of clothes dryer fires was lack of maintenance.

Clothing (on or not on a person) was the leading form of material first ignited in clothes dryer fires, and lint, dust, or fiber was second. Combined, these items typically found in a dryer accounted for nearly three-fifths of the fires in clothes dryers.


Check out these statistic from the NFPA!

Clothes Dryer Fires Caused by Ignition Factor

Clothes Dryer Fires by Form of Material First Ignited

Article from a Local Newspaper about a Dryer Fire!


Source: National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA 02269.




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