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Welcome to Eclectic Selections... our newest fire prevention product, The Dryer Lint Brush, is taking households by storm. This simple yet effective tool for home safety removes the lint from dryer crevices and helps prevent dryer fires. This is a multi-purpose must have brush. See additional uses at the bottom.

Patent Info

TITLE : Dryer Lint Brush 

CO-INVENTORS : Linnea J. and Thomas J. Berger                        


BASIC STRUCTURE : Pliable, Plastic, Plastic Handle with flared End to Facilitate Grip. Twisted Wire Stem with Nylon Bristles extend around end of brush. Brush is arcuate in shape in its entirety. 

DIMENSIONS : Handle is 17" in Length. Handle Thickness is 3/8". Handle width is 3/8" Flaring TO ¾". Bristles are ½" in width. Wire Stem with Bristles is 9" in length from end of handle. Handle has a ¼" hole for storage. 

PURPOSE : Helps remove lint from hard to reach areas under lint screen, around Dryer Drum, Vent Pipe. 


ADVANTAGES : Pliable handle and bristles to increase accessibility. Arcuate shape allows access to varies shapes of dryer screen openings. Wired stem bends easily for varied cleaning uses. 

SAFETY NOTE : Using this brush to clean underneath and around lint screen prevents build-up of dust, lint, etc., and therby helps prevent possible fire hazard. 

ECONOMICAL FEATURE : Using this brush to clean underneath and around lint screen will help to facilitate air flow and maintain efficiency in the dryer.




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