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Welcome to Eclectic Selections... our newest fire prevention product, The Dryer Lint Brush, is taking households by storm. This simple yet effective tool for home safety removes the lint from dryer crevices and helps prevent dryer fires. This is a multi-purpose must have brush. See additional uses at the bottom.


• "I can't believe how much lint was in our dryer!"

• "It works great! I couldn't reach all of the lint until I tried your brush."

• "I even used it to unclog a hose on our vacuum cleaner!"

• "It's amazing how much lint builds up inside a clothes dryer!"

• "I was shocked to see the amount of lint that came out of our dryer!"

• "A great idea! I use it often and also like how I can clean under appliances!"

• "My wife loves it!"

• "These are handy and make great gifts!"

• "Our dryer has a small opening for the lint screen and your brush fits in easily!"

• "Also makes a great back scratcher!"

• "I like the way it bends. It really reaches into corners too!"

• "We use it to clean under and behind the dryer, also!"

• "I never realized how much lint could build up in there!"

• "Be sure and thank your wife for me! The brush works great!"



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